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Founder and Formulation Pharmacist

Debs Nguy

I graduated from Otago University with a Bachelors Degree in Pharmacy. I have worked in the pharmacy industry for the last 10 years before taking time out to have kids.

It was as a mother that I came to appreciate how vital skin care can be attributed to quality of life, especially for wee ones. My passion is to see that those struggling with debilitating skin ailments can find relief.


Inspiration and all-round trouble maker

Isaac Nguy

Our inspiration for Medica's line of Balms. Isaac loves diggers, getting messy and exploring cupboards when his parents aren't watching in search of forbidden sweet treats


Supportive Husband

Danny Nguy

Born and raised in Dunedin, I met Debs at Otago University while earning my degree in Molecular Biotechnology.


I have previously spent 5 years working at Crown Research Institutes; Plant & Food Research and Environmental Science & Research. 

Now a successful day for me is when my children are clean (relatively), fed and asleep.


Marketing Manager

Isabella Nguy

Our wee bundle of joy, Bella has quickly learned how to annoy her big brother and when she isn't doing that you can find her developing our business strategy and marketing.