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Updated: Jul 7, 2021

In so many ways, a mother lives life though her hands. She uses them to care for and bond with her children through the simple daily rituals of bathing them, preparing food and tucking them into bed each night.

All of this became difficult for mother of three, Katie Helem, when chronic eczema on her hands left her in discomfort and pain, with no end in sight.

This changed when she started talking to Debs.

Throughout a series of brief Instagram live consultations sandwiched into the hectic rush of mum life, Debs helped Katie to find a routine that reduced her topical steroid use while introducing protective moisturising products from the Medica range. An Australian study found that, like Katie, 59% of other eczema sufferers are prescribed steroid cream by their doctors (Fiftyfive5, 2020, p. 25). While Katie found it effective in managing her symptoms, it was also incredibly drying, leaving her skin painfully cracked and sometimes bleeding. ‘I hadn’t been able to use any form of moisturising products at all without reacting to them’ Katie said, until she tried Medica products.

Now, four months later, Katie is amazed by how many things in her life have changed for the better: ‘Bathing my kids is a major one; before, if I put my kids in the bath, I had to put on my purple rubber gloves, and it just felt like it had taken away a part of my lifestyle. Just being able to cook is another one, because any foods that I touched, any vegetables, anything like that, just made it extremely painful’.

‘Now I’m just using my products, doing my routine, not having to think about everything I touch and worrying about it causing a reaction.’

For other people struggling through life with chronic hand eczema, Katie has a clear message: ‘Just contact Debs; she is the nicest, easiest person to get along with, and there’s no pressure at all’.

If you recognise yourself in Katie’s story, know that eczema isn’t something that you have to learn to live with; click here to contact Debs to see what she can do for you and learn to live without it instead.

- Abigail Lassing


Fiftyfive5 (2020). EAA Survey 2020: The eczema impact report (1994-2019).

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