"Cannot recommend Medica enough"

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

I had the privilege of working with Caleb over the last few months and as per my goal for each patient - to help them achieve the best skin possible - we worked on a regime to help repair, nourish and moisturise the affected skin and developed a daily routine to maintain great skin.

Everyone's needs are different and sometimes it takes weeks to achieve the balance needed. But I'm so glad Caleb stuck it out with me and together we achieved skin that not itchy or painful and comfortable to live in.

Read what he has to say about working with me below:

"A friend of mine recommended Medica to me, as I had been having trouble finding anything that would help my eczema, and I have been super impressed by their products and service!

After getting in contact with Medica and voicing my concerns and needs, they created a skin-care plan that has seen my skin improve dramatically! They would regularly check in with me to see how my skin was progressing, updating the plan accordingly, and overall providing a great service, with a plan that has been both effective and easy to maintain as part of my everyday routine.

The products are also amazing! A trouble I've always found is that other eczema creams are either too thick, causing irritation, or they would be too light and my skin would dry up quickly. With medica's balms, they were both light on the skin and long-lasting, which ended up being perfect for my skin. After a couple months of regular consultation with Medica, I can happily say that my skin is in a great state, and I am very happy with the results. Cannot recommend Medica enough, they are very easy to work with, and have your best interests at heart!"-Caleb A

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