Sun's Out, Legs Out!

I’ve had allergies, eczema and very dry skin, my whole life. I’ve often had different creams on rotation, to help manage it. I’ve never been keen on using steroid creams, as I feel they can be a band-aid and don’t go to the source of fixing skin problems. 

A couple of years ago, I went through some hard changes in my life when my Mum passed away. I wasn’t sleeping or eating well, and my son who was under two at the time, wasn’t sleeping well either. I’d developed patchy dark skin on my legs and torso, and I decided not to use a steroid cream as a quick fix.

I sampled some of Medica’s Kawakawa balm and applied it rigorously every day. I really liked how nourishing it was. It absorbed nicely into my skin, without being too greasy. I liked the comfort of knowing it was all-natural and I could put on as much as I wanted to. 

Over time, the dark angry marks disappeared. The marks had been there quite a while and I was worried they’d be permanent. In combination with eating better, and being in a better emotional space, I believe the Kawakawa balm was a huge help in alleviating my eczema.  

I was so excited and felt confident enough to get my legs out and wear shorts again! I still have the Kawakawa balm on hand and use it as needed. It’s a great staple to have in the cupboard, as it’s greasier than a standard moisturiser and won’t irritate skin.

Koreen Liew-Young

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