Synergy between science and nature

I was going to post a funny reel of me for social media today, but I have been working with a woman whose eczema has been difficult to manage. And although Medica products are helping make her life bearable I keep thinking, what can I do to help her even more. So suffice to say she's been on my mind. Medica for me has always been and still is about helping people and supporting them in the hard times by exploiting the synergy between science and nature and using it to improve life. So, I thought I’d write about it instead.

Brenda has hit perimenopause and has found that her eczema has been triggered. During menopause estrogen levels start to drop which means thinner skin resulting in a drier, a more porous stratum corneum (top layer of the skin). As a side note, drop is estrogen levels also causes a drop in collagen production which results in the loss of elasticity of the skin. Back to a porous stratum corneum, the disruption in the stratum corneum has a direct impact on the barrier function of the skin.

The age old argument of what causes eczema surfaces but current thinking is that both external and internal factors can trigger eczema which sets off the cascade of inflammatory cytokines (the messengers in your body which tell the immune system to act) and thus the flare begins.

Brenda was finding that even after using moisturisers and prescription emollients her skin would be flaky and would still feel taut, unable to smile or talk without hurting herself. So, after our consultation, I formulated a balm which soothed her skin and allowed her to smile without hurting her. I used only a few ingredients, which have been shown to soothe, support the skin and those that don't cause sensitisation.

This is what Brenda says: “I can smile again”

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