Kapiti Balm

Kapiti Balm

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Looking for a nourishing treat for your baby bump? How about something Natural, Organic, Gentle and Soothing?


The Kapiti Balm was designed for supporting the extra needs of your skin, which is growing and protecting new life – Together with organic oils, which include Fatty acids to nourish the skin matrix, a humectant for moisturisation, Linoleic acid to build healthy skin cells in an all-organic local beeswax base filled with nutrients.


If you'd like to know more about how Kapiti Balm works and why each ingredient has been specifically hand picked please check out the Kapiti Balm Science Page.



Shea Butter- Has been used for centuries for its soothing and healing properties. It is filled with fatty acids - great nutrition for the skin. It has been shown to be superior to mineral oil at preventing water loss from the skin resulting in high levels of hydration of the skin.  


Coconut Oil - is filled with fatty acids that are excellent in maintaining the health of the skin. It has been shown to increase the regulation of proteins such as Filaggrin and Aquaporins which improve hydration, strengthen and support skin cells.


Kawakawa - has been used for centuries in Maori medicine for its plethora of pharmaceutical properties. Only recently have we had science validate what the precious people of this land already knew. Myristicin is the primary active ingredient which is responsible for the anti-inflammatory properties of the Kawakawa tree. 


Sunflower oil - is high in the linoleic acid and low in oleic acid. Linoleic acid is used by the keratinocytes (the top layer of skin cells) to form a well-functioning epidermal layer.  


Beeswax - is a natural breathable barrier for the skin. It protects without suffocating, allowing the skin to breathe while keeping the area next to the skin stable, giving it a change repair itself. Our high-quality beeswax is ethically and locally sourced from the Kapiti region from various apiarists. 



Apply the Kapiti balm liberally on the needed area once or twice a day.