Kawakawa Balm for Eczema

Koreen Liew-Young

I’ve had allergies, eczema and very dry skin, my whole life. I’ve often had different creams on rotation, to help manage it. I’ve never been keen on using steroid creams, as I feel they can be a band-aid and don’t go to the source of fixing skin problems.

A couple of years ago, I went through some hard changes in my life when my Mum passed away. I wasn’t sleeping or eating well, and my son who was under two at the time, wasn’t sleeping well either. I’d developed patchy dark skin on my legs and torso, and I decided not to use a steroid cream as a quick fix.

I sampled some of Medica’s Kawakawa Balm and applied it rigorously every day. I really liked how nourishing it was. It absorbed nicely into my skin, without being too greasy. I liked the comfort of knowing it was all-natural and I could put on as much as I wanted to. 

Over time, the dark angry marks disappeared. The marks had been there quite a while and I was worried they’d be permanent. In combination with eating better, and being in a better emotional space, I believe the Kawakawa balm was a huge help in alleviating my eczema.  

I was so excited and felt confident enough to get my legs out and wear shorts again! I still have the Kawakawa balm on hand and use it as needed. It’s a great staple to have in the cupboard, as it’s greasier than a standard moisturiser and won’t irritate skin.

Zinc Barrier & Kawakawa for broken skin due to eczema


I have recently developed rash on my hands which slowly but consistently started spreading from one hand to the other. The worst conditions I've experienced were persistent itchiness and deep skin cracks so I could see blood. I've used a GP prescribed steroid cream, fatty cream, normal hand creams. They provided short term relief but didn't actually work how I hoped for. I finally gave up.

Few weeks ago I started using Medica's Kawakawa balm when I heard about kawakawa's healing properties. Almost immediately I noticed the difference in my hands but the real deal maker was Medica's hand cream based on kawakawa plant. After one day of using the hand cream (zinc barrier) along with the balm (kawakawa balm) the skin condition on my hands improved immensely. I use both several times a day which keeps my hands nourished, soft and healthy

Zinc Balm for Eczema

Brooklyn's Mum

My daughter has struggled with severe eczema since she was 3 months old, she is now 4 years we have seen specialists after specialists, had hospital admissions, changed her diet and we now have finally found our creams!


We genuinely feel like we have won the lotto, our girl's skin is looking and feeling amazing and she is so happy in her skin after just one week of use. I 100% recommended the products we have been using from Medica and will definitely continue to use them. Thank you so so much!!

Collodial Oatmeal Hand Soak & Oil 


After two nights of soaking my hands are looking way better, they are nothing like sandpaper anymore. The rash has just about gone under my wedding ring. I only started the hand soak routine on Tuesday night so two nights so far. The oil you put on after is lovely, it actually absorbs in rather than getting oil everywhere

Kawakawa Balm for Nappy Rash

Natasha B

"When my son got a bad nappy rash, the usual Sudocrem wasn’t touching it, so wanted something more natural to try.I found the Kawakawa Balm so nice and velvety, very light and I didn’t need to use a lot to cover the rash.


After using it multiple times a day for 2/3 days I found a huge difference, the blisters went down and it really dried out the rash to where I could then use a combination of the balm and a barrier cream to help with the healing. After 4/5 days the rash had completely healed.


This is now my go to rash cream whenever it flares up. I highly recommend this balm to anyone who’s LO are suffering nappy rash, it really worked for us. Thanks Debs for creating a lovely, affordable and natural balm."