Eczema is a complex health condition and there is no universal treatment as each person is different


"I massage my 3 month old with Medica Kawakawa balm every night and every morning. His eczema-prone skin is soothed and glowing 😍 happy baba and happy mum!"

- Brittany S


"...just wanted to say, ur products r amazing. Love using them for baby esp the zinc barrier cream, spreads easy and heals the rash in no time.."

"...the colloidal oats are so nice on my skin.."

"My absolute favourite item from your kit is the nipple balm hands down..."

"Instantly dissolved in my skin and left no residue"

I'm so grateful for the kawakawa balm. When you are faced with red angry skin on your baby's face you're anxious to do everything you can to make it go away. The kawakawa balm took away the anxiety by calming and healing baby's skin. Love it" 

"I'm using zinc barrier everyday, it prevents me from having cracked fingers (skins) - constantly washing my hands with my newborn!"